Santa Fe Comic Con
October 24-26th Friday through Sunday Santa Fe, New Mexico

New Mexico Tri Con featuring Horror, Sci Fi and Comic Books all rolled into the best for Santa Fe Comic Con

Following the 7th successful show of Albuquerque Comic Con Santa Fe Comic Con will bring the same quality and fun to the Santa Fe Community.

At the Buffalo Thunder Casino and Resort just outside of Santa Fe New Mexico.

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 At the Buffalo Thunder Casino and Resort just outside of Santa Fe New Mexico.


With all this great stuff, who wouldn’t want to book a room at the nicest resort property in the state, and stay all three days for a comic book convention like no other? We will have food, 24 hour events, cosplay lounge for our costumed guests to rest, panels with all our celebrities, photo opportunities, and after parties for the die hard fans. We hope to see you all soon.


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Program Schedule
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Program events

Hours of Operations

Friday 4pm-8pm (Celebrities do not come to this preview night)


Saturday  10am- 8pm


Sunday  10am to 6pm

Panel Schedule


Panel Room A

10-10:45 Comic Con Cosplay Safety Meeting (extra voting token to all who attend)

11-11:45 Power Rangers Nakia Burisse and Blake Foster – “Spin Kicks and Back Flips. Behind the Scenes with the Power Rangers.”

12-12:45 Jim Steranko “Nick’s Fury, blast your way inside the mind of Jim Steranko.”

1-1:45 Fred The Hammer Williamson

2-2:45 Naomi Grossman “Play with me. Inside American Horror Story.”

3-3:45 Jeremy Shada, Jessica DiCicco

4-4:45 Manu Bennett “How to stick a piece of metal in your forearm and use it as a hand with AZOG the defiler”

5-5:45 Ernie Hudson “Who you gonna call?”

6-6:45 Tim Murphy “Son’s of Anarchy- Antagonist This”

7-7:45 Cosplay Contest- Format – Token swapping- give your token to your favorite cosplayer.


Panel Room B

10-10:45 Lisa Loring The Original Adams Family

11-11:45 Voice Acting with Jamie Marchi and Ian Sinclair

12-12:45 Mark Bode the Art of Being Artsy all the time

1-1:45 Star Wars with Bruce Logan, John Morton, and Dicky Beer

2-2:45 Friday the 13 Part One with Ari Lehman

3-3:45 Making Comics your Living Gene Ha and Andy Kuhn

4-4:45 Spider-Man with Sam De La Rosa

5-5:45 Cherry Comics the first best adult comic Larry Welz

6-6:45 Indi Press Jon Hughes Overground Comics

7-7:45 Closed for the Costume Contest in Panel Room A


Sunday: Panel Room A

10-10:45 Tim Murphy “Sons of Anarchy- Antagonist This: Day 2)

11-11:45 Manu Bennett “From Deathstroke to Crixus”

12-12:45 Kids Cosplay- Judged by Rosanna Rocha and special guests

1-1:45 Star Wars with John Morton, Dicky Beer and Bruce Logan

2-2:45 Linda Blair “Still turning heads after all these years”

3-3:45 Jessica DiCicco

4-4:45 Thomas Churchill “From Concept to Packaging, the do’s and don’ts of shooting your indi film”

5-5:45 Al Niuman The History of Harley Quinn
Prizes throughout the hour

Concerts and Night Life

Friday Night Oct 24th LAUNCH PARTY $5 Cover

8pm to 11pm- Shadeh Night Club

Ari Lehman and First Jason will be performing

11pm to 1am

Local Bands from Buffalo Thunder and radio promotion.

1am to 4am Club open for dancing


Saturday Night Oct 25th AFTER PARTY $5 COVER

Noon to 5pm DJ Saunders Playing all ages music within the Shadeh Night Club.


10pm to Midnight FIRST JASON will perform

Midnight to 4am DJ SAUNDERS

Shadeh Night Club official club party


Sunday Night Oct 26th FREE ADMISSION

12 – 6pm DJ Saunders performing all ages dance music in Shadeh Night Club.

Daily Events

Saturday and Sunday


*DJ Saunders Live ALL AGES in Shadeh 12 noon to 5pm *Sunday Noon to 6

*Bar will be open for 21+ as well as a dance floor for all ages with age appropriate refreshments.

*Blood Drive in the parking lot

*Walgreens Flu Shots in the parking lot

*Ghost Busters Car Photo ops in the parking lot $5 each $50 with Ernie Hudson (see his schedule)

*Anime and Film Screening will be going on in Vista Room B (By escalator)



Photo Ops

12:15…..Manu Bennett $40
1:00…..Sarah French $30
1:15…..Joyce Dewitt $30
1:40…..Ernie Hudson $40
2:00…..Ari Lehman $20
2:15…..Linda Blair $40
2:45…..Fred Williamson $30
3:00…..Lisa Loring $30
3:15…..Tim Murphy $30
3:30…..Naomi Grossman $30
3:45…..Power Rangers Nakia Burrise/Blake Foster $40
4:15…..Star Wars Trilogy: John Morton, Dickey Beer, Bruce Logan $30×1 $40×2 $50×3
4:30…..Jeremy Shada $40
4:45…..Jessica DiCicco $30
5:00…..Manu Bennett $40

11:30…..Star Wars Trilogy: John Morton, Dickey Beer, Bruce Logan
11:45…..Naomi Grossman
12:00…..Fred Williamson
12:15…..Thomas Churchill
12:30…..Manu Bennett
1:00…..Ernie Hudson
1:15….. Joyce Dewitt
1:45…..Linda Blair
2:00…..Ari Lehman
2:15…..Sarah French
2:30…..Nakia Burrise/Blake Foster
2:45…..Tim Murphy
3:00…..Lisa Loring

Guest Lineup
More Info
Dicky Beer

Dicky is one of the most well respected Stunt Coordinators in the world of Film and Television. He has played more characters in the Star Wars story line than any other person. Return of the Jedi Roles: Barada is the character he is credited with. He also was: Biker Scout that Princess Leia slammed into…

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Bruce Logan

Bruce Logan is best known from his groundbreaking work as the leading Special FX films of the 70s and 80s. He was the man who blew up the Death Star in Star Wars a new hope. He was the DP for Tron and 2001 A Space Odyssey. He pioneered color and editing techniques to give…

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Rosanna Rocha

                  Rosanna Rocha has been cosplaying for years coming from being an avid video game player. She has quickly amassed nearly 100k followers world wide and has agreed to be Santa Fe comic Con special Cosplay guest. She is in charge of the cosplay contests, and is…

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Supergirl_Power Girl
the D’Arda Sisters

Coming from a family of seamstresses, sisters Remi and Noelle d’Arda were raised around sewing machines. With over 20 years of combined sewing experience they’ve done everything from simple home projects, to quilting, to work in the bridal business. They also have experience in various other disciplines, including: drawing, airbrushing, leather-craft, and woodworking.Combining their crafting…

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Jenna Lind

Jenna Lind is an actress, known for Crush (2009), Spartacus: War of the Damned (2010) and Burning Man (2011).   Jenna will be signing throughout the weekend during normal show hours.    

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